Top 6 Tips to Avoid Costly Mistakes with Google and Facebook Ads And Save 30%+ Of Your Budget
Google Ads and Facebook Ads are very powerful platforms. With their help you can reach your target audience and drive valuable traffic to your website. Or waste truckloads of money.

Based on our 20+ year experience in digital marketing, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to avoid costly errors and make the best possible use of each rupee or dollar you spend on ads.
Check for these errors regularly
Sharp cost jumps
You should monitor your spending constantly, because click costs may increase suddenly, making your ads unprofitable. In such situations we recommend adjusting the ad settings to prevent losses.
Zero balance
It’s bad enough to lose money on unprofitable ads. The only thing that’s even worse is to lose money when profitable campaigns aren’t running due to zero balance. Check your account balances regularly to make sure you have enough money to run ads.
No negative keywords added (Google ads only)
Negative keywords let you exclude certain search terms from your campaigns and help you focus only on the keywords that matter to your customers. Better targeting helps you to attract higher-converting customers and increase your return on ad spend.
UTM tags errors

It is crucial to set UTM tags for landing pages. Without them you will not be able to track the results of your ad campaigns, and find out which ads make you rich and which ones waste your budget. It is also very important to use individual UTM tags for each landing page to get correct ad statistics.

Missing SSL certificate
Missing or expired SSL Certificate will get your landing pages flagged by browsers as insecure. This will scare away potential customers and put your ad budget straight into the trash bin. Always check that the SSL certificate on your landing pages is valid.
Page, displaying 404 error
Make sure all your ad campaigns lead to functioning landing pages. If a user ends up on a page with 404 error, he will not become your client and the money you paid for the click will get wasted.
You can perform all these checks manually. However, if you wish to save your time and sanity,
there is an automated solution, which will do these and a number of other money-saving checks
for you - AI-based adtech platform from Adverton.
What else you can do with Adverton platform:
  • 1
    Easily manage ad budgets between accounts
  • 2
    Get recommendations on campaign optimization
  • 3
    Increase ROAS by 15% or more
  • 4
    Get warned about problems with advertising campaigns before you get into serious trouble
  • 5
    Generate comprehensive ad reports
  • 6
    Save a huge amount of time on identifying costly errors
  • 7
    Get better ad results with the same budget
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